dB Audio & Video offers comprehensive solutions for Audio, Video, Control and Acoustic Design services. Each page gives an overview of these services.

When dB partners with you on your project, the abilities that we offer you are unique compared to other AV companies. dB is not only an AV Dealer/Integrator, but a highly qualified and experienced Design/Consulting firm as well.

By getting us involved early in the building-design process we are able to work with you from the conceptual stages of a project to the final stages of implementation and operation. With our expertise in all facets of your A/V vision and our ability to understand firsthand the trials that can come from any project no matter the size, you can rest assured that your project will be a success.

When it comes to specifying all the equipment required to undertake the vision you have, most architects defer the responsibility to other professionals of which you, the client, must be responsible. dB has the ability to eliminate all the extra opinions and provide you with the best design possible. Our aim is for a more collaborative approach to “design-build” to provide you with solutions that operate effectively based on your true needs.

With our staff and its understanding of the construction process; factors such as scheduling, phasing, contracting, safety procedures, and the responsibility of jobsite meetings, dB proves not to be just another contractor but a true partner.

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