dB Audio & Video offers comprehensive solutions for Audio, Video, Control and Acoustic Design services. Each page gives an overview of these services.

As a full service acoustical engineering firm, dB is able to consult on projects ranging from new architectural design to problem solving in existing rooms.

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Based on the laws of physics, the geometry of the room is the most limiting factor as to the types of speech/music which can or cannot be presented effectively in a venue. Acknowledging that no amount of electronic equipment can fix an acoustic problem, dB’s goal is to blend both architectural and electronic systems into a listening environment which will meet our partner’s unique communication needs.

Utilizing computer-based software products such as EASE and Bose Modeler, dB can provide complete room acoustical analysis, patterns of speaker coverage, cluster design and visual representations. Areas of expertise include controlling flutter and slap echo reflections in small or large rooms.

We will assist you in selecting appropriate building materials to control reflective surface angles; design appropriate RT60 times into the room to meet your environmental needs; and controlling ambient noises such as HVAC systems, road noise, as well as other outside and inside noise sources.

Our firm’s uniqueness is that we not only provide acoustical consulting and engineering, but we also have the ability to produce our own custom acoustical panels which match your décor along with the installation of the finished product.

Click on the links below to see the variety of fabric colors and textures that are available. When you find a color you like, click on it to download a picture or you may also “Add to Cart” to order free 8”x10” samples.

See our Portfolio page and then sort by “Acoustics” under “Project Scope” to see a current listing of our acoustical customers.

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