When choosing the partner for your project one thing should be fundamental; your partner should be a legitimate one. dB Audio & Video has made a point to always be current with regards to State and Federal guidelines as well as up to date on all new standards in industry regulations. One guarantee of this fact is that dB A&V carries a current Low Voltage License and is a member of the industry’s foremost authoritative organizations in Audio, Video, and Acoustics. Listed on this page you will not only find a copy of our Low Voltage License, but you will also find links to the organizations where dB holds membership. Please take a moment to study these closely. Then ask yourself, "Are those other A/V contractors this conscientious about their trade?"

Shown here is a copy of dB Audio & Video’s Low Voltage License. In addition, we also have Business Licenses in many Southern states and in counties where they are required. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Licenses in your area. We are ready to serve you no matter where you may be located.

National Sound Contractor’s Association
The NSCA is the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry. With a slate of more than 2,500 member companies worldwide, the National Systems Contractors Association is a powerful advocate of all who work within the low-voltage industry, including systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, a growing number of architects, specifying engineers and others.

Audio Engineering Society
The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Its membership of leading engineers, scientists and other authorities has increased dramatically throughout the world, greatly boosting the society's stature and that of its members in a truly symbiotic relationship.

The AES serves its members, the industry and the public by stimulating and facilitating advances in the constantly changing field of audio. It encourages and disseminates new developments through annual technical meetings and exhibitions of professional equipment, and through the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, the professional archival publication in the audio industry.

Synergetic Audio Concepts is in its 31st year of service to the audio industry and they train nearly 1000 "grads" per year in seminars and workshops.

Syn-Aud-Con seminars have been held the world over, with nearly 15,000 grads to date. These seminars are dedicated to the teaching of audio and acoustic fundamentals, as well as serving as a showcase for new ideas and equipment.

Syn-Aud-Con workshops have helped define the audio industry, furthering the development of many branches of the industry.

The C12 Group
C12, or Christian Twelve, a national for-profit company teaches that business should be conducted according to Biblical principals.

Therefore C12 directly challenges the conventional wisdom which says “religion and the workplace don't mix, that for the sake of diversity and profit, the pieties of worship are best kept separate from the ruthless dictates of capitalism.”

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