In the mid 1980’s Darrell Wiley, J.T. King, and Mike Hedden Jr. founded dB Acoustics & Sound, Inc. in Gainesville, GA; a suburb of Atlanta. Each man brought unique talents to the organization. Wiley’s music and business background helped keep dB profitable. Having directed technical services for Crown International, King had been involved with some of the largest audio projects in the world. His high level of technical expertise set a standard that is still being raised today. Hedden, who had just finished touring as a professional musician, also had worked in audio over the years. His primary role in sales and his network of contacts provided a solid basis to build the company.

In the mid 1990’s Wiley and King decided to move into other ventures leaving Hedden as President/CEO. Under Hedden’s direction, dB continues to grow a committed technical and support staff in conjunction with the addition of two regional offices. dB’s tool pallet provides cutting edge technologies such as electronic room enhancement, digital signal processing, digital mixing consoles, electronically variable line array loudspeakers, and broadcast and projection video systems.

Designing and installing quality systems enhanced by acoustical room design remain dB’s goal. Over the last five years dB has grown along with its customer’s expanding needs; therefore, dB now offers video systems which utilize projection and broadcast technology allowing dB to provide total communication solutions. Due to these advances, dB Acoustics & Sound, Inc. currently goes by the public name, dB Audio & Video.

Being a Christ-owned company dB knows that only what is done for the Lord’s sake will last. dB’s major focus continues to be with the Church; however, dB is privileged to provide services to numerous honorable, public clients.

Proverbs 22:29 states the following:

"Do you see a man skilled in his labor work? He will serve before kings."

Fulfillment of this promise can be seen in the fact that dB has equipped not only some of the leading Christian fellowships around the southeast but also venues like the Atlanta Olympic Games, boardrooms for clients such as Ted Turner’s Montana Grill, schools, and State/Federal court rooms to name a few. Ultimately dB’s goal is to work as unto the Lord while serving the needs of business partners.

Mike Hedden

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